Thursday, 26 September 2013

Frank Body Scrub

Hello Everyone,

I purchased Frank body scrub the other day and all I can say is it is AMAZING !
The way it exfoliates your skin is so amazing. If you’re a coffee lover you will absolutely love this product and if your not I can bet you will still love it. It smells like fresh-grounded coffee with sweet orange.
When you put this product on your skin it gives you a light exfoliant. But nothing too intense.
I used two small handfuls of coffee and scrubbed it all over my body, I left mine on for 5 minutes in the shower till it started to dry then I washed it off. My skin was left feeling so soft and silky.
It recommends if you have oily or combination skin to use a light body wash after as it has oil in the coffee and it leaves a slight residue. 
This product aims to reduce cellulite, help improve skin tone, and also smooth lumps and bumps so I suppose only time will tell.
My only slight annoyance with this product is it is so messy. You have to make sure you do it in the shower as it goes everywhere. As you can see in this photo below this is the scrub on my legs, please excuse the shower floor that is the coffee scrub. I told you it was messy :)
This product is amazing I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. The cost of my Frank body scrub was $14.95 AUD and free shipping as I live in Australia; if you are outside Australia I believe shipping charges apply.

What’s in it?
Arabica Ground Coffee, Orange Essence, Cold Pressed sweet almond oil, Brown sugar, sea salt and Vitamins and minerals.

If you want to purchase this product they have an online site.

Talk to you soon lovely’s

Miss Knight xx

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