Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bali Holiday- Dynasty Resort Kuta 2015.

Hello Gorgeous people,

Sorry Ive been so MIA I've been on holidays in Bali, which as been so amazing and much needed.
I had such an amazing time and wish I didn't have to come back to reality... but we all know we can't holiday forever.... unless were MR GREY hahahah.
I vlogged while I was over there for you all to watch and see how amazing my holiday was.
I must admit the first few vlogs are a little shakey but I promise it does get better.

The resort I stayed in was 'The Dynasty" it was so amazing.
The rooms were beautiful, I had a room on the top floor overlooking the pool, you could see the ocean from the balcony as well. I was extremely lucky and happy to receive this amazing room, everyday the room was cleaned to 100% amazing standards and the staff that accompanied the hotel were even more amazing they truly go above and beyond for their customers, its so lovely to see.
While over there we made a real connection to two people, they were such amazing hardworking, kind people that I wish nothing but happiness for them and their families.

Overall watch my Vlog on the hotel and you will see what I'm talking about, I explain more about the hotel and what they have to offer in the clip.
Thank you so much Dynasty you made my experience and stay in bali so amazing.
I would 100% recommend this hotel to anyone and will be back for another stay hopefully this year.

I will put a link to the website below.

Hope you had a lovely weekend
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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video or post, all opinions are my own and everything was paid with my own money.

Monday, 29 December 2014


Hello Dolls,
New years eve is just around the corner. I have created a quick and easy way to do glitter nails that will catch everyones eyes and look like you have spent hours at the salon.

I hope you all have a fantastic new years and all your dreams come true.
Thank you all for your support this year.
Love you all.

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Easy Christmas DIY nails

Hello everyone,
YAY its finally December my favourite time of year. I am one of those people that is a sucker for everything christmas. 
Seeming Christmas is fast approaching I thought to help me get into the spirit of christmas I would do a Christmas Nail tutorial for you all.
Please excuse my cuticles they are really bad :(
I hope you all enjoy this, let me know if you want me to keep filming these types of tutorial as I love doing my nails.
I hope your all having a lovely week.

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

NKD Body Product Review - Brittney Lee Saunders Range

Hey Dolls,

Last week I made a purchase online through NKD body and purchased the mint body scrub, the coffee scrub and the citrus hair mask. 

Every product I purchased I fell in love with, they all smell so amazing and make my body and hair feel amazing !

These are my new go to products, I'm obsessed.
If your wanting to see a more in-depth review please watch my video on my youtube. 
I explain what each product does and how much they are.

Trust me if your looking for new body scrubs, go purchased NKD body scrubs they are so amazing.
I hope your having a wonderful day or night. Love you all.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Cute and Scary Flesh Eating Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

Hello Cherrubs,

I have had so much fun filing this tutorial for you guys,
As Halloween is approaching so soon, I thought I better put up a Halloween tutorial.

This tutorial is a 2 in one so you are super lucky, I have stopped at what could be considered a "Cute Cat" if your looking to go as something cute, but then I have gone all out and created a flesh eating cat with blood and rotten teeth.

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, Please share it with your friends and like the video.

I will be posting a whole heap of beauty posts and videos after this week as I have finished UNI for the semester
YAY !!!!!
Don't forget to go check out my new Instagram account please follow.
Love you all.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment Mask

Hello Cherubs,

Ive done a whole review and demo on my youtube of the Glam Glow Mask, Im so in love with this mask, I have seen such a difference in my skin just after one day.
I was having a bit of a break out session with my skin and I was like I need something to fix this !
I got the glam glow and am so happy I did.
Best $75 purchase ever !
My skin the next morning was so radiant and glowing and my blemishes had gone down dramatically I'm so impressed, this is the first facial mask I have used that actually claims and works 100% for cleaning your skin.

Drawing the badness out!

Please watch my youtube video for a demo and review on this amazing mask.
I would 100% recommend this mask to anyone who is looking for a mask to make your skin clear or feel like you have been spending hours at the day spa.
I had no issues with this mask what so ever, it didn't hurt my skin or cause any irritation what so ever!
I couldn't say enough good things about this!
One of the best things about this mask is you can actually see it working and drawing all the nasties out of your skin, it sounds so discussing but it works!!
I literally could go on for days, but for a more in-depth review watch my video.
Love you all.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Fall Plum Makeup Tutorial

Hello lovely ladies,
In america it is coming into fall and spring in Australia, so I thought I would create a lovely deep plum makeup tutorial, perfect for day or night. It is super pretty and is created using all drugstore makeup.
I hope you all enjoy
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Love you all

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