Monday, 30 December 2013

Night Out Makeup Tutorial

Hello Gorgeous girls,

I filmed a going out at night makeup tutorial it was my fiancé's birthday on monday and I wore this out to dinner.

I hope you all enjoy it.

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Have a fantastic New Years Eve.

Mine is tonight since I live in Australia, I'm filming a get ready with me that will be up next week.

See you next year lovelies.

Love Miss Knight.



Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Years Eve Nail Polish Ideas

Hello lovely ladies,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are all ready to celebrate the new year.
Since New Years eve is coming up so close I thought I would share with you a few nail ideas that would be great to wear for New Year's Eve.

Hot Pink Silver Glitter

Hot pink Gel

My Favourite Black Polish with coloured glitter over the top

Pastal Pink with silver feature nail

Pink Glitter 

Flower design

I hope these nails have given you some inspiration on what you may like to wear on your nails this New Years.

Happy New Year Lovely ladies have a wonderful night and day.

Let me know which is your favourite in the comments.

Love you all

Miss Knight x

Sunday, 22 December 2013

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Hey lovely ladies,

I filmed a new years eve inspired makeup tutorial I hope this helps you or gives you some inspiration for what makeup you may do on New Years Eve.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas.
I am so excited !

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Love you all

Miss Knight x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cheap But Amazing Makeup Brushes

Cost: $20.00 (including postage to Australia)
Brush Type: Synthetic
Where to purchase:Makeup Brush link

Hello Lovely ladies,

I came across such an amazing buy the other day that I couldn’t resist and had to purchase.
I was shopping online looking for new makeup brushes. I was going to get the sigma brush set but then came across these beauties on eBay.

What can I say, I am so happy with these brushes they are amazing quality.

I purchased the 10-piece brush set which came with:

1pc Tapered Kabuki
1pc Round Kabuki
1pc Angled Kabuki
1pc Flat Kabuki
1pc Flat Angled Kabuki
1pc Precision Tapered
1pc Precision Round
1pc Precision Angled

1pc Precision Flat

1pc Precision Flat Angled

These are synthetic makeup brushes that are just as good as the higher end makeup brushes.
I was so happy with the quality when I received these brushes, they took just over three weeks to arrive and I have been using them non stop.
I thought I would share with you the link if you guys were wanting to purchase some new makeup brushes at such a good price.

I paid $20 all up including shipping to Australia it was $18.98 for the brushes and $1.00 for postage AUD.

When shopping online for makeup brushes all the retail prices for them were around the $200 mark for a good brush set, but these are just as good as my brush set I have from napoleon but they have brushes that normal brush sets don’t include.

Overall I highly recommend these makeup brushes if your on the look out for new brushes but don’t want to forking out hundreds of dollars.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and eat lots of amazing food as I know I will.

Have a beautiful day
I will talk to you all soon.
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Love you all

Miss Knight xx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Glittery Makeup

Hello Lovely's
I thought I would film a Christmas tutorial as christmas is my favourite time of year.
I hope you all enjoy it
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Love you all
Miss Knight x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

Where to Buy: Priceline, Kmart, Target, Chemist Warehouse.
Cost: $8.99
Skin Type: All Skin Types

Hello Lovely’s,

I ran out of lush cleansers and my fiancé has bought me a whole heap of lush stuff as one of my Christmas presents… so since that’s the case I wasn’t allowed to go in and purchase any new products until after Christmas. I was in Priceline and needed to get a scrub/ cleanser to do me till Christmas. I heard a lot of people talking about the St Ives Apricot scrub so I purchased it to be on the safe side…
I used it for the first time the other night and I was pleasantly surprised! I really liked it; the scrub was very good for a drug store branded cleanser/ scrub. The consistency is a thick smooth cream with a light exfoliant of apricot throughout the cleanser.

After applying it on my face and washing it off it made my skin feel so soft and beautiful, I am extremely happy with this product and I will continue to purchase this for those in between days where I don’t feel like using my lush cleansers.
The St Ives scrub is so light that it doesn’t irritate my skin or make it feel tight and over clean, I would definately recommended picking this item up if you are on the look out for a scrub that isn’t expensive but does the job.

The St Ives scrub gently exfoliates dull surface cells to instantly reveal smooth, radiant skin. It is an oil- free, non-irritating scrub that has 100% natural exfoliants.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

Love Miss Knight x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Get Ready With Me !

Hello lovely's,

Sorry I've been a bit MIA the past three days I have been house sitting for my mum and she doesn't have a fast internet connection……. first world problems :(

I have uploaded a new video today…. A get ready with me..
I hope you all enjoy it I had heaps of fun making it !
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I hope you have all had a beautiful day !

Love Miss Knight xx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Eyelash Storage Case

Hello Lovely’s

I ordered an amazingly cute eyelash case online the other week and it finally arrived. I am so happy it is so gorgeous, I bet you will all want one after you see it. It is such a great thing if you wear good quality eyelashes that can be worn multiple times then this case is a must have in your beauty bag.
This little pink bow eyelash case only cost me $7.30 with free shipping what a bargain.
Where I purchase my fake eyelashes from sells them but they are about $15.00 and always sold out, so when I found it on eBay I was so happy.
The great thing about this case is it has the curved surface to place your eyelashes in so they keep the natural curve shape.
Curved surface to keep eyelash shape
If you want to purchase this case I will leave the eBay seller down below.

I hope your all having a beautiful day.

Miss Knight xx

Pink Bow Eyelash Case

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Elegant Makeup Look

Hello Lovely's,

I filmed this lovely elegant / pin up makeup tutorial and I absolutely love this look, give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.
This look is great for Christmas day or if you have an event that you want to look elegant for.

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I hope your all having a beautiful day !

Love Miss Knight xx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Opallac UV Gel Polish Kit.

Cost: $99.00
Where to purchase: Priceline
How long does it last: 10-14 Days

Hello lovelies,

Priceline was having a 40% off all cosmetics the other day so I went in and stocked up on a lot of products that I needed and also didn’t need….. Everytime I go to Priceline I see the Opallac gel polish kit but was a little bit iffy on wither I should get it or not, as I was worried about the quality.

I decided to purchase the starter kit as it was 40% off and I am super thrilled that I did. I absolutely love it, it is so easy to apply and it lasts on my nails for about 10 days before it starts to remove itself around my cuticle area. My toes have out lasted the 14 days and still look fantastic.

1st day

11th Day

Before buying this kit I was painting my nails every two days I found it was making my nails and cuticles brittle and my cuticles were always dry, I had skin pealing off around them from using nail polish remover so often… I no it sounds disgusting….

The one thing I absolutely love about gel polish is it doesn’t chip as quick as nail polish and you don’t have to wait for it to dry, it cures in the UV lamp and you don’t have to worry about smudging them !

What ‘s included in the kit:

·      1x Opallac 7 watt UV nail lamp
·      1x gel base coat
·      1x gel top coat
·      3x gel colours – Seductress (red), Cosmoliscious (hot pink),   Pastel Polly (pastel pink).
·      1x 2-1 shine and soak solution
·      1x 30pk remover wraps
·      1x instruction manual

This product claims no dying time, no chipping, no smudges, and no damage to your nails and I believe that they live up to what they are saying the product does. My gel did not chip or smudge, they claim it lasts up to 14 days mine started to lift after 11 but I’m fine with that, as I’m not painting my nails every two days.
For the price of this gel lamp I would highly recommend it, it is super easy to use and the finished product is great for a home job.

The gel polishes cost $19.95 if you want to purchase different colours; they have a range of glitters, sheer and flat colours available.
When purchasing the kit I also purchased the Manhattan spark, which is a reddish pink with glitter in it. It is so lovely.
I cannot wait to purchase more colours.

Gel Colours

Removal of the gel.

Removal Solution
When removing the gel polish it comes with removal wraps and a soak of solution. When I removed mine the first time I was getting frustrated as it wasn’t coming off as easy as they were claiming but after leaving the removal wraps on for a longer period of time the gel just peeled of so easily and I didn’t have any problems. When removing your gel I would suggest you place a towel on your table before removing as it does become very messy when you start to peel all the gel off your nails.

Overall I absolutely love this product if you were like me and wondering if you should purchase this kit… I would definitely recommend it, I love it and I will continue to use this instead of going to the salon to get them gelled.

My Toes after 14 days and they still look good.

I hope your all having a wonderful day.
I'll talk to you all soon.

Love Miss Knight x