Thursday, 26 September 2013

Frank Body Scrub

Hello Everyone,

I purchased Frank body scrub the other day and all I can say is it is AMAZING !
The way it exfoliates your skin is so amazing. If you’re a coffee lover you will absolutely love this product and if your not I can bet you will still love it. It smells like fresh-grounded coffee with sweet orange.
When you put this product on your skin it gives you a light exfoliant. But nothing too intense.
I used two small handfuls of coffee and scrubbed it all over my body, I left mine on for 5 minutes in the shower till it started to dry then I washed it off. My skin was left feeling so soft and silky.
It recommends if you have oily or combination skin to use a light body wash after as it has oil in the coffee and it leaves a slight residue. 
This product aims to reduce cellulite, help improve skin tone, and also smooth lumps and bumps so I suppose only time will tell.
My only slight annoyance with this product is it is so messy. You have to make sure you do it in the shower as it goes everywhere. As you can see in this photo below this is the scrub on my legs, please excuse the shower floor that is the coffee scrub. I told you it was messy :)
This product is amazing I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. The cost of my Frank body scrub was $14.95 AUD and free shipping as I live in Australia; if you are outside Australia I believe shipping charges apply.

What’s in it?
Arabica Ground Coffee, Orange Essence, Cold Pressed sweet almond oil, Brown sugar, sea salt and Vitamins and minerals.

If you want to purchase this product they have an online site.

Talk to you soon lovely’s

Miss Knight xx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Flower Bomb & One Moment Perfume

Hi Lovely’s,

Thought I would share with you my all time favourite perfume. I have lots of scents that I like to wear but my two main go to fragrance’s are Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf and the new One Direction our moment fragrance. I am the type of girl that loves sweet smells; I love anything that smells like candy and sweetness. I tend to stay away from the musk and floral more.
The Flower Bomb is quite expensive by in my opinion but I also think its money well spent; it lasts on you all day and night. The price of this amazing perfume is $205 from Myer and David Jones, but I have seen it cheaper at the Chemist Warehouse and I think they sell it for around $180 that is for the 100mls.
The One Direction is a new fragrance I’m pretty sure it only just came out I was shopping with my mother in Myer and one of the lady’s handed me a card I smelt it and of course I loved it I had no idea it was even one direction as I wasn’t taking any notice of the brand at the time the card was handed to me. We continued shopping around and I couldn’t get the sweet smell away from me I had to have it! I went back to find out who it’s by and to my amazement it was One Direction. It is so sweet and amazing and it only cost $80 for the 100ml, I would recommend going into Myer or David jones and smelling it you will love it if you love sweet smells.

Let me no down below in the comments some other sweet fragrance’s I’m always up to try new one.


Flower bomb has the smell of sweet flowers and vanilla, it’s a very rich smell.

One direction.

One Moment smells literally like candy in a bottle.

Miss Knight x

25 Facts About Me.

      I’m 21 years old

·      I’m currently at university studying Journalism.

·      I’m engaged.

·      I haven’t fully gotten drunk since my 18th birthday (I don’t drink at all really)

·      If I watch scary movies I still get scared to go to the bathroom at night.

·      I own 50 shades of pink nail polishes.

·      I own two-baby teacup Pomeranians- named lollie & Japha.

·      I ran a half marathon

·      I am gluten intolerant

I      I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning.

·      I can only keep nail polish on for one day or I start to pick at it.

·      I love rice crackers and peanut butter.

·      The only seafood I like is fish and squid.

·      I get really angry when I’m hungry or tired.
       From 7 I loved olives.

·      My mum is my best friend

·      I’m obsessed with cookies I could eat them everyday.

·      I’m a really messy person I will fully clean my room spotless then the next day it will be messy again.

·      I love cooking Croatian food, and eating it

·      I love going to markets every time I go I always leave with something.

·       I’m obsessed with smelling nice like lush when showering I hate running out of their stuff.

·    I’m scared of rides that go upside down

·   When I’m on a plane and it takes off to go up into the sky I get so nervous I feel like vomiting, but when that parts over I’m fine.

·   I love reading books but I feel I never have the time to read a whole book.

·   I hate the yolk in eggs I never eat it.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2

Hi Lovely’s,

My Clarisonic Mia 2 I could not live with out it I don’t know how I went so long without having one. It was my 21st birthday last week and my fiancĂ© bought one for me as one of my many presents. I was so excited and happy I have read nothing but good reviews on it and to my surprise I have not yet had a bad experience with it.
I would definately recommend all you beauty lovers to go and purchase one, mine was from Myer I believe and they retail for $175 it will be the best money ever spent in my opinion.
Since pink is my favourite colour of course he got me the pink one.
It’s so gorgeous.
You wont believe how much dirt and makeup is actually left on your skin, this is a wonder product it leaves your skin feeling so clean and fresh. Since using my Clarisonic my skin has improved dramatically.
I would get a few breakouts here and there but now I don’t really have any blemishes I get the odd breakout around that time of month, but other then that it’s done wonders for my skin.
I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks but wow can I see a change, in 4 more weeks I’ll do an update for you guys to let you no how things are going with my skin.

About the Clarisonic Mia 2.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 has more than 300 movements per second to deeply clean your skin, it has been proven that it is noticeably better for your skin and helps clean off unwanted makeup and dirt that you may not have seen or gotten off with normal cleansing.
This clarisonic comes with a 2 speed setting cleansing, it comes with a normal or low so I suppose if you have sensitive skin I would recommend only using the low setting. I use the normal but I don’t have sensitive skin. The timer goes for a one minute cleansing cycle I usually do my forehead first then my t-zone area followed by each cheek. The battery life on the clarisonic is 24 minutes so 24 uses if you only use it for the minute settings like recommended.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Good Morning Lovely’s,

I woke up this morning and my nails needed a paint, so I have a massive collection of nail polishes all different brands ranging from opi, Revlon, Maybelline, Sinful, Essie, pretty much every brand under the sun I own. I have a slight obsession with nail polishes my partner doesn’t understand it but every beauty lover will know where I’m coming from. I absolutely love having my nails looking good it is a must for me. My favourite colour is pink I have about 30 odd shades of pink, “You can never have enough pink polishes right?”

Anyway when deciding what colour to paint them I decided to go with pink of course. One of my all time favourite colours is this hot pink by Australis, I cannot say enough good things about these polishes they dry so quickly, they are streak free and the colours are amazing they are so pigmented. I will post photos below so you guys can see what I did on my nails.
If your looking for a cheap nail polish that lasts and looks amazing on I would recommend you going to buy this. I got mine from Priceline, I’m sure they sell them pretty much anywhere though. The colours I used were Bombshell and Shimmy Shake. They are AMAZING!

Have a beautiful day girls.

Miss Knight xx