Friday, 11 October 2013

T2 Tea.

Hey lovely’s

I’m so sorry I have been a bit MIA this last week, I have had a ton of uni assignments due as I am coming to the end of my semester… THANK GOD!
Since I have been so stressed out my amazing partner took me on a surprise getaway to stay at Southbank in Brisbane in an amazing suite I’m so lucky.
So that is my explanation on why I haven’t put up a post.

BUT …… while I was in Brisbane, I had this new brand of tea that I have fallen so deeply in love with it is AMAZING, it is called T2 Tea I cannot say enough good things about them if you love tea you are going to love this brand they do so many amazing flavor’s, they do a huge range of a normal teas, green, white and black but they also do a ton of flavored teas like chai chocolate, apple pie and seriously the list goes on. The Tea is like a guilt free treat.

I’m a big lover of chai tea and chai lattes, the chai tea in this brand is so amazing it is by far my favourite tea of all time. It is so smooth and rich at the same time I make mine in my gorgeous china tea pot and I usually drink the whole pot it is that amazing.

The great thing about the chai in this brand is you can make the lattes out of the tea bag I really recommend you all trying this brand of tea if you are a lover of tea.

I’ve also had the green, English breakfast and the chamomile they are all such a high quality of tea they are on the more expensive side but they are so worth it. The tea bag doesn’t just make one cup of tea it makes a whole pot I usually get about 6 tea cup sizes of tea out of my bag so they last a long time.
They don’t have many stores that I am aware of as I live on the Gold Coast and there are none, I no there are stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. I order all my tea online its great to be able to browse through all the different flavors and pick out what you like. They have such a big range they also stock a lot of loose-leaf tea as well.

Overall this is the best tea I have ever tasted my partner never drinks tea but every time I make a pot of this brand tea he always has a cup. I would recommend you all trying it out if you’re a tea lover, please let me know if any of you have had this brand and tried any new flavors as I am always up for trying something new.

Sorry again about not putting a post up last week, I promise to at least try and get one up a week while I’m in my last few weeks of uni.

Talk to you soon lovely’s

Miss Knight xx

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