Sunday, 22 September 2013

25 Facts About Me.

      I’m 21 years old

·      I’m currently at university studying Journalism.

·      I’m engaged.

·      I haven’t fully gotten drunk since my 18th birthday (I don’t drink at all really)

·      If I watch scary movies I still get scared to go to the bathroom at night.

·      I own 50 shades of pink nail polishes.

·      I own two-baby teacup Pomeranians- named lollie & Japha.

·      I ran a half marathon

·      I am gluten intolerant

I      I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning.

·      I can only keep nail polish on for one day or I start to pick at it.

·      I love rice crackers and peanut butter.

·      The only seafood I like is fish and squid.

·      I get really angry when I’m hungry or tired.
       From 7 I loved olives.

·      My mum is my best friend

·      I’m obsessed with cookies I could eat them everyday.

·      I’m a really messy person I will fully clean my room spotless then the next day it will be messy again.

·      I love cooking Croatian food, and eating it

·      I love going to markets every time I go I always leave with something.

·       I’m obsessed with smelling nice like lush when showering I hate running out of their stuff.

·    I’m scared of rides that go upside down

·   When I’m on a plane and it takes off to go up into the sky I get so nervous I feel like vomiting, but when that parts over I’m fine.

·   I love reading books but I feel I never have the time to read a whole book.

·   I hate the yolk in eggs I never eat it.


  1. you're so pretty! :)) I don't really drink too :p
    would you mind checking mine as well? :) xo

  2. your so sweet, of course i will check out your blog.
    have a beautiful day xx