Friday, 25 July 2014

Quick review || NEW - Maybelline Colour Show Street Artist Top Coat - Ally Attitude

What Brand: Maybelline
Where to buy: Target, Priceline, Drugstore.
How Much: $4.16
Hey dolls,
Yesterday I was shopping at my local Target and I found a new range of Maybelline nail polishes. When I first saw it I was shocked and was like who would want that on their nails. But I showed my boyfriend and he was like thats pretty cool, so I decided to get it and give it a go.
When I got home I tried it straight onto a bare nail and it was to see through, so I placed a light blue nail polish down first. I only applied one coat then applied the Street Artist Top coat. I applied two coats of the top coat to get the desired look I have on my nails in the pictures. Im really impressed with this nail polish it is totally different to what I would usually wear but I'm loving the edginess and how different it is.
This is going to sound weird but the pattern reminds me of an emu egg or something like that hahaha It is speckled and textured which I love for something a little different.
They came in 4 colours but I only got one to try it out. This shade is "Ally Attitude" and cost $4.16. Im super happy with the outcome. Let me know what you think is it for you or not ???
Hope your all having a great day. 
Talk to you soon
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