Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Must Have Winter Beauty Essentials

Hello loves,

Today I thought I would share with you my top winter must have beauty products to help keep me going through this cold weather.
I know for a lot of you its summer where you are, but hear in Australia it is freezing at the moment and my skin and hair get a real beating in this cold dry weather. I hope you all enjoy this; if you do I will do a summer essentials for everyone experiencing hot summer weather at the moment.

Hair Products 
In the winter your hair can become very dry and brittle due to the cold weather, to ensure my hair stays nice and hydrated I couldn’t live without my “Hello Hair, hair treatment” and my Moroccian oil shampoo, conditioner and treatment oil. These products have changed my hair’s life, my hair was super brittle and always breaking which made it look so damaged and strawy but after using a combination of hydrating products my hair has never looked better. It grows so quickly now and has become so thick which I LOVE !
If your experiencing any of the same problems with your hair I would recommend you checking out these products I have an in-depth review and demo on “hello hair” I will leave the link here if you want to watch or read up.

Beauty products

So as for hair becoming dry in the colder months so can your face and body. I love to keep my skin hydrated and smooth so it keeps it looking nice all year round.
The first shower product I can’t get though winter without would be my Ro's argan body conditioner by Lush. It is the perfect product to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised while making you smell amazing. This product is a shower moisturiser that leaves a moisturising residue on your skin when you get out, saving you moisturising you skin when you get out of the shower.

The next product I love would have to be the Vaseline spray moisturiser in Coco Glow it is amazing the spray bottle is the lazy option… I know…. but it is so convenient and easy to use, I love it so much. Just spray onto your body where you want to moisturise and rub in, no cold cream or having to worry if you got too much out. This is so easy and is a must have in winter essentials.

Now onto lips I could not live without my Chapstick collection. In winter your lips become so dry and cracked well mine do and if your wanting to wear lipstick you need your lips to be smooth and crack free, so any minute I have spare I like to apply my chapstick in the flavour cake batter it is sooooo amazing! This product keeps my lips smooth and crack free during the colder months.

Last but not least would have to be my LUSH Brazened Honey Face Mask, this face mask is so amazing it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated while ensuring my skin is getting a good clean. This mask is extremely gentle on your skin which is calming and helps the skin relax and soothes any blemishes on the skin the honey asks as an antibacterial agent helping to remove any nasty’s on the skin.

I hope you all enjoyed this, keep warm and hydrated this winter.

Love you all x
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