Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lush Product Review - My empties

Hello Lovely’s

I thought I would share with you all the products I have used up from Lush as I’m about to take my bottles in to get my free face mask yay!

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly - $6.25/100g.

This products is a shower jelly as you can guess by the name.  It smells so amazing it smells like lollies and everything sweet piled into a jar it is so amazing I have fallen so in love with it.
It is a deep purple sparkly jelly that you use as a body wash. The only downfall I had with this product was I didn’t like the fact how it broke off into little pieces everywhere, I mean every time I went to use it once it started to crack it went all over my shower. I wish they brought this product out in a soap or in a shower bar or something that held together better but I seriously am a sucker for things that smell amazing so I would definitely repurchase this product again. Everytime I used the shower jelly my fiancé would remark on how amazingly sweet I smelled this smell lasted on your skin too.

Dark angels cleanser - $16.95/100g.

This is a coal and sugar scrub cleaner that is meant to help oily and blemish prone skin. I personally hated this product and would never repurchase this. My partner has oily skin that is why I got it and I had a few blemishes every now and then, I get an oily t-zone and I found it did nothing for my skin and didn’t help any problem areas. This product is too rough to use every day on your skin and I personally didn’t like it I would not repurchase this again.
My partner had to stop using it as it wasn’t doing anything it said it should and he didn’t like how course it was on the skin. I ended up having to finish this product and all I can say is it isn’t good. But that is my personal opinion it may work great for other peoples skin

Angels on bare skin cleanser - $16.95/100g.

OMG OMG OMG ! This is the most amazing cleanser in this world it is so nice and gentle and calming for the skin, it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and clean without drying it out and making it feel tight. This cleanser has pieces of lavender in it that is just so calming in my opinion I like to use this at night as I feel it gets my skin ready for bed and helps calm and remove any oil or dirt on my skin. I have repurchased this product twice now and will continue to I absolutely love it. It is one of the best cleansers I have ever used I would recommend you going and checking it out.

Herbalism Cleaner - $16.95/100g

This is another one of those must have product’s this cleaner is so good for blemish prone skin it helped my skin clear up so much. I barely get breakouts when using this product as you can see I love lush cleaners and I go through them quite regularly, I have had my fare share of them but hands down herbalism and angles on bare skin are a must have in my shower.

Ocean Salt Sea Scrub - $22.50/100g.

This is a great scrub that you use once a week to cleanse and scrub your face, this is such a great product is smells like the sea and it makes your skin feel so amazingly soft and clean you can feel it working which is so great. This scrub is better than a one hundred dollar high end scrub. The salt scrub has pieces of salt in it that exfoliates your face lightly. This is another must have product in my shower and is great on a Sunday night to act as a weekly clean scrub.

The olive branch body wash - $7.95/100g.

This is an olive oil body wash that smells so amazingly clean and fresh. I love this product so much I got it in a gift pack I received for my birthday. I would definitely repurchase this product but I find it is just to expensive for my university budget as I found i used way to much to quickly. I love love love this though it leaves your skin feeling so soft from the olive oil and the smell it leaves on your skin is so indescribable it is sweet like mandarin. If your looking for a nice body wash the olive oil wash is the one for you.

I hope all you lovely people enjoyed this and I hope it helped you decide on what to purchase next at lush.

I’m sorry it was so long but I had a lot of used up products.

Also all these opinions are my own what doesn’t work for me may work for you and vice versa

Have a fantastic day everyone !

Love Miss Knight

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