Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lush Haul - Christmas Collection

Hey beauties,

Today I went and did some shopping at my local Lush store; I needed a whole heap of things as I have run out of a lot of products this month.
When I went in there I saw that they had their Christmas range for sale YAY!

I cannot explain how amazing the Christmas range smells; its so sweet and wonderful, all I can say is you better go check it out before it runs out (well maybe not run out) but it goes so quick I missed out last holiday season as everything sold so quickly.

The items I purchased were:

-“Let the good times roll facial cleanser” CHRISTMAS EDITION- Polenta and maize flour gently exfoliates, while cinnamon powder stimulates the skin-THIS SMELLS LIKE CARAMEL POPCORN! - $15.95/100g

-“Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh facial mask”- Fresh Blueberries, Calamine powder, Irish moss. $16.95/100g


-“The Godmother”- Sweet cotton candy soap. $6.50/100g

-“Rockstar”- Pink sugar rush. $6.95/100g

-“Mr Punch” CHRISTMAS EDITION- Inspired by summer fruit punch, with gin and juniper berries for an invigorating lather. $5.90/100g

-“Angels Delight” CHRISTMAS EDITION- A sweet and fruity soap, filled with star sparkles and colourful shapes. $5.90/100g

-“Lemony Flutter cuticle butter”- $16.50/50g

I purchased my partner the “Soak and float” Shampoo-Lavender, marigold and rose. $13.95/item

Last but not least, the girls gave me a sample of their dry shampoo- “No drought dry shampoo”. I haven’t tried this but ill give it a go.

I’m so happy with everything I purchased. I cannot wait to get in the shower tonight and use them… :)
The smell stays on my skin all night to it is so amazing….. I LOVE LUSH!
I hope you guys get the chance to go check it out as it is an amazing collection.
Have a fantastic day everyone!

Let me know if you have checked out the Christmas collection.

Love Miss Knight xx

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