Friday, 15 November 2013

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream

Hello lovely’s

My world is now complete since Australis has brought in the new velourlips… 
I cannot believe how cheap they are to, they are pretty much the dupe for lime crimes velvetine lip cream.

I have herd so many mixed emotions about these lip products but I personally love them so much they are so smooth and they last literally all day….

I put mine on at 10 am the other morning had a coffee went out to lunch and after that it was still on, I had drunk water all day and it didn’t budge the only bit that came slightly off was the inside lip area…. But other than that they last all day…….

Cost: $9.99
Where to buy: Priceline, Kmart, Target any shop that stocks Australis
How long do they last: ALL DAY BABY

When first applied

After 8 hours of wear

This product is a little drying on the lips so if you have dry cracked lips to start with its probably not going to look the best if you get a toothbrush or lip scrub and scrub away all the dry skin to start with it will apply beautifully and last all day without cracking.

This product goes on shiny but dries matte. I have tried the nyx matte lip creams and in my opinion they aren’t very good they are extremely dry when you first apply it and they do not last on your lips. But I suppose what can you expect for $5.00.

I purchased the red and the pink lip cream's they are so so so so pigmented and amazing.. I want to get every colour available but they are always sold out.

I would deffiently recommend you lovely lady’s going and checking them out.
Have a beautiful day…

Love Miss Knight xx

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