Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bondi Sands Dark Bronzing Mousse

Hello Beauty’s,

I’ve just put a tan on and I thought I would write a blog post about the brand Bondi Sands, it’s new in Australia and can be purchased from Priceline for $20.00. I’ve herd a lot of mixed reactions from this product some people love it others hate it. For me I think its an ok tan for the price considering it is one of the cheaper self tanners out there that give you a natural bronze look without looking orange.

This tan comes in three forms a moose, a cream, and a spray. I have tried the dark and the light to medium, I find that the light with only one layer is way to light for my skin as when I put on a tan I like to be a lot darker than my natural skin tone. If you’re like me and purchase the light then I would recommend you doing two coats and it does turn out fine.

After having that problem with the light I went and purchased the dark and it is an amazing colour it isn’t orange at all it gives you a lovely bronze colour that looks like a dark sun tan. I personally like this product, especially considering the price.
I never used to use self-tanners as I always saw friends who used them and they were always orange but after taking the plunge I saw this one and its great. This tan usually lasts on my skin for over a 8 days which I think is pretty good for a self tanner. I will post photos of before, during and after I have washed it off to let you guys see how it looks throughout the whole process. 


When applying this moose tan I like to use a tanning mit as it gives you a streak free finish and doesn’t dirty your hands. The great thing about this product is it has a colour guard so you can clearly see where you have applied it and where your skin is still bare. After I have applied the tan to my whole body (bar my face, I don’t tan my face as it always comes off so quick anyway) I like to leave it on for 6 hours the bottle says you only need to leave it on for one hour to achieve a tan but for darker results leave on for up to 6 hours. If you leave it on for over six hours its not a problem I have put it on before going to bed and slept in it all night then washed it off in the morning and my tan was fine just dark. After leaving it on for your required time wash it off in the shower if anyone ever gets it in there pores just use a light exfoliator and it gets it out without removing any of the tan.


The downsides I have with this product is the excess that comes off after applying. I find that whatever I sit on or lay on turns tanned. I find this quite annoying as when I used to get spray tans I didn’t have that problem as much as using this self tanner. Other than that I can’t say I have had any other problems with this product. Tell me what you think or do you use any self tanners that are great ?
Have a fantastic day everyone!
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Love Miss Knight xx


  1. Hiya, thanks for the review! Does the tan still transfer onto things once you've showered it off aswell such as your clothes? or is it just whilst your waiting to shower the excess off? xx

    1. hello, only why you have it on, it doesn't transfer that much; just if its not fully dry after applying the tan, the excess can remain a little sticky or tacky until fully dry. But once you wash it off it is fine doesn't transfer onto anything. Hope this helped.