Wednesday, 21 May 2014


 Hey gorgeous ladies,

This morning I was in the mood to do my nails a little different then usual. I am always saving cool nail ideas on my Ipad so I can recreate them. I came across this photo of these fun looking nails and I thought why not!
I can do that!

I hope you all enjoy this.
I have taken photos of each step if you want to recreate this look.
Let me know in the comments what you think of this nail design.

So first things first I picked out my nail polish colours.
I used;
White = sinful colours / snow me white 101
Purple = BC co / shade 14
Glitter = Maybelline colour show Brocades/ Knitted gold 220
Black = Colour club Nail art/ Black

The first step of polishing is the white, I painted my pointer and pinkie fingers on both hands with one coat of white.

Now with the purple I went and painted the remainder of the nails.

Once you have one coat on all you nails, you want to go in and do another coat to make that polish look amazing and last longer.

Yay! We are now onto the glitter, Girls love a little glitter in their life… haha

To apply the glitter around the top part of my nail around the cuticle area I used a nail art brush with a very fine tip. This helped me get the polish in the right place precisely. The easiest way for me to do this was to put a small amount of the polish onto a scrap piece of paper then take the product off the paper and apply it to my nails. This was the easiest way and it helped in the precision of the product; as you could see how much glitter you were taking.

Now that the glitter is drying, you want to do your polka dots.
This step is totally up to you, sometimes I use a nail art dotter but today I just used the same brush as I used to place the glitter into my nails. Of course I used nail polish remover to remove the remainder of the glitter before applying the black. I placed the black polish onto the paper the same way I did the glitter then I placed a dot at the top of my nails and the bottom then filled in the rest, this way you get a good even pattern on your nails.

Now your ready for the last coat of glitter around the top of the nail (by applying to coats it makes it POP!) At this stage I went in and also did a second coat on any of the polka dots that weren’t as black as I would of liked it.

This is now the time you want to rest. Go watch your favourite TV show or do something relaxing that’s not going to wreck your nails you don’t want to apply top coat until the black is partly dry or you polka dots will just smudge down your nails… not a good look girl.

I hope you all love the end result.
Let me know if you have tried or want to try this.

Love you all
Have a beautiful day !
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