Saturday, 17 May 2014

How to get through stressful times at university

Hey dolls,

Today I thought I would post something that is completely different to what I would usually post. I’m going through a really tough stage at uni, I’ve got three weeks left of the semester and everything is due!
This can be an extremely tough time for a lot of people; it not only brings out stress but also can be very tolling on your body.

I’m going to share a few tips and tricks that help me get through this horrible time.

The first thing when your exhausted and tired you always tend to jump for junk food, or food that is high in sugar to give you that pick me up such as energy drinks both, lollies chocolate bars ect all of these are a big NO NO !

First of all, products that contain refined sugars are no good for your brain it gives you a quick pick me up and then you crash an hour later these types of food are not good for concentrating and doing things that need your full attention. When I’m feeling like this I always jump for food that is high in protein it not only keeps you full for a long time but you don’t crash a few hours later. I love eating chick pea salads, lentils, chicken salad and if I need a quick snack soy crisps and rice crackers are really good. But if your looking for something sweet jump for your favourite fruit.

Now we all know when you stress your skin tends to break out, well mine does. So I like to use a face mask/ treatment to help my skin revive and not feel to out of wack. I like to use the mask by lush called cosmetic warrior it is such a good mask as it has garlic and tea tree oil two things that help your skin repair and prevent future breakouts.

Next and last thing I like to do is surround myself in a relaxing environment, if you have a home office that is good but if you are in your room set yourself up with some candles and it will help you relax and get your work done. I love to get into loose warm clothes and set up with my bakery cupcake candle burning.
You want to make sure you shut Facebook, instagram and any sites that may help you get distracted.

When your trying to get solid hours of study done the worst thing to do is to just sit there for 5 straight hours and study. This has been proven to not give you a beneficial study period. If you study for an hour then have a half an hour break it helps you retain the information better instead of over loading your brain. Go get a snack or check your social media for half an hour do something to help you unwind and not think about the work ahead of you. Then go back to your work. You will find that this will help your study sessions tremendously. If you cram for 4 hours straight you will not retain the information and you will only be able to remember certain words and sections you have read.

I know that sleep can be so hard when you’re a uni student with all the assignments and tests constantly, which makes you feel extremely over whelmed and drained the best thing to do is try and get to sleep at a reasonable time as waking up early will feel so much better then staying up getting your work done late. You will find that you will produce much better work.

Well this is a super long post so I’m going to leave you with this,
I hope you are all having a lovely week.
Good luck to anyone at university or school.
Talk to you soon.

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