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Hello lovely people,

Today I thought I would share with you all how I cleared up my skin. I have a heap of you always commenting on my photos and videos asking how I keep my skin clear. I’m not in any way shape or form a professional dermatologist or beautician but these products are what work for me so I’m going to continue to use these products. I understand that many of you may not agree with some of the products and that is completely fine but if I can help anyone out there get clearer skin the way I did then that makes me happy.

So lets get started….
My first product I swear by is the SIMPLE KIND TO SKIN CLEANSER.
I absolutely love this cleaner it is so soft and gentle on my skin and doesn’t cause any irritation or breakouts. My skin is quite sensitive when it comes to trying out products but this is by far one of the best cleansers I have ever used. To pair up with this cleanser I like to use my CLARISONIC MIA 2 I love my clarisonic so much I couldn’t live without it. When you pair up these two it is like a match made in heaven it cleans your skin so well and leaves your skin feeling so soft and cleansed.
In the morning when I have a shower I like to use my HERBALISM cleaner from lush, this product claims to help with acne prone skin and to help control breakouts and it does exactly that for me, since using this product I have found my skin to be alot clearer and cleaner.

Once a week I like to exfoliate my skin, as I believe it is great to reproduce new skin layers so I swear by OCEAN SALT SCRUB by Lush. Some people may find this way to harsh on their skin but by using a small amount and gently applying it to your face it gives you a great facial exfoliant.

Now last but not least I know alot of people are going to have something to say about this product but I use it and I have never had a problem, it is the benzac acne gel. I apply a small layer to parts of my face that I have breakouts on before going to bed; it dries my pimples out and clears my skin by the next morning, now a lot of people have had a bad reaction to this product but as I said I use a very small amount and it works well for me.


With all these products being part of my skin care routine it helps keep my skin clear and looking fresh everyday, I feel confident going out with no makeup on and just having my eyebrows filled in and mascara on. I hope this has helped anyone who is struggling with their skin as I no I used to research how to clear my skin all the time when it wasn’t clear.
Please let me know in the comments any other great products that you guys use.
Please let me know if this post was helpful I love hearing your feedback.


I hope your all having a fantastic day
Love you all
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  1. Your skin looks great hun! Acne sucks x

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