Friday, 3 January 2014


COST: $9.95
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Chemist Warehouse, Priceline.
COLOUR OUTCOME: Perfect natural bronze shade.
COLOUR CHOICES: Bronze & Deep bronze

Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had an amazing new year and are ready to dive into the year ahead. I know I am :)

Well in saying this, on New Years Eve I was going out to dinner with my fiancĂ©, then going to a friends house to watch his brother play guitar and sing. I thought I should have a fresh tan, the day just got away from me and before I knew it, it was already three O’clock and I was still pale and had patchy tan on me…. This wasn’t a good feeling.

Before No Tan

After realizing I didn’t have enough time to apply my tan as I like to leave mine on to get the darkest result I had to resort to other options. I remember watching the ad on TV for the LeTan Wash Off Tan… I quickly jumped onto the net and searched a few reviews on the tan. I came across two blogs that made this product out to be fool proof so I was excited to know I had nothing to worry about and that my tan issue was going to be resolved with this wash off tan.

I went to the chemist warehouse and purchased the tan it was on special for $9.95 I was very pleased. When I got home I showered and followed the directions on the bottle to use a mit and spray onto your body then use the mit to apply it evenly over your body.


This product goes everywhere and I mean everywhere!
If you are planning on using this product I recommend you either do it in your shower like I did or in a tanning booth or tent. After applying the tan I was very happy with the result it looked like a professional tan and gave me a nice natural bronze look I was extremely impressed with the result. BUT THEN!

My shower was so messed up from the over spray of this product I got the shower head and began to run water and soap over it… It did not budge I was running out of time to clean at this point as I was going to be late and still had to do my hair and makeup….

First off this product claims that it doesn’t come off on your clothes and the blogs I read all said that they didn’t have a problem with it coming off when they sat on a white towel… I put a white dress on one hour after applying the tan and my dress was un-wearable!
I brushed my arm on the dress and it was all over it…. Not happy JAN!

So the two things I previously read on people’s blogs were that it is easy to clean up and it doesn’t come off on white clothes; both of those things were not true.

I ended up changing and everything was fine the tan was great for the night and looked fantastic.

I got home and had a shower, this product claims it washes off with soap and a loufa and it does, I didn’t have any patchiness left on my skin what so ever. It came straight off I was extremely happy about that.

With The LeTan Instant Tan in Bronze

But the next day I did not have fun getting on my hands and knees with the shower cleaner and scrubbing all the tan off the floor.

Anyway enough with the negative talk, the colour was amazing, it lasted all night and it didn’t budge off my skin. Over all if you are looking for a tan that you want for a night or something to cover up a patchy fake tan this product is for you if you don’t mind cleaning up the mess.

I’m sorry this was such a long post but I felt the need to tell you everything about this tan, as I was extremely disappointed with certain things about this product that I had expectations on being good.

I hoped this has helped all you girls.

Love you all.

Miss Knight xx.


  1. Oh great review! Love it and love your blog ;) x

    1. Thank you gorgeous, i always give my true and honest opinion xx