Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Eyelash Storage Case

Hello Lovely’s

I ordered an amazingly cute eyelash case online the other week and it finally arrived. I am so happy it is so gorgeous, I bet you will all want one after you see it. It is such a great thing if you wear good quality eyelashes that can be worn multiple times then this case is a must have in your beauty bag.
This little pink bow eyelash case only cost me $7.30 with free shipping what a bargain.
Where I purchase my fake eyelashes from sells them but they are about $15.00 and always sold out, so when I found it on eBay I was so happy.
The great thing about this case is it has the curved surface to place your eyelashes in so they keep the natural curve shape.
Curved surface to keep eyelash shape
If you want to purchase this case I will leave the eBay seller down below.

I hope your all having a beautiful day.

Miss Knight xx

Pink Bow Eyelash Case


  1. Aww this case is so cute and handy x

  2. This is so adorable! I must buy one!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Yes they are amazing lovely ! You will love it x

  3. This case is so adorable! I don't even wear fake lashes but now I feel like I should just so I can keep them in a pretty case like this!