Wednesday, 2 April 2014

OLAY- Fresh Effects/shine shine go away cleanser\\\ TRUE AND HONEST FIRST IMPRESSION (my reaction)

Hello lovely ladies,

I thought I would share with you all my true and honest opinion when I tired the new Olay fresh effects shine shine away skin care. This is extremely brave of me to share these photos with you. So where do I start last Sunday I bought the new okay cleanser I was super excited to use it that night in the shower. I went to bed that night and when I woke up on Monday morning I couldn't believe my eyes literally my eyes! They were all red with little hives and welts around them; my eyes had turned into little puffballs as well. That day I knew it wasn't right so I went to the chemist and she said I was just having a minor allergic reaction to a cosmetic product. I assumed it was the Olay as that was the only new product I have used on my face. Later that day I could feel my skin becoming very itchy, I was not impressed I put some rose hip oil around my eyes to calm and soothe the inflammation. Tuesday morning came around and once waking up and looking in the mirror I couldn't believe my face, my whole face had a red rash and was inflamed, I instantly stated balling my eyes out I couldn't believe my face it wasn't only horrible to look at but it was red, sore and itchy. I have never had any type of reaction to a product like this before; my fiancé woke up and couldn't believe his eyes we knew we had to go get some type of treatment for this. So when the chemist opened we went back in and they couldn't believe it they told me that it was the worst reaction they had ever seen from a cosmetic product. They gave me a gel ointment to put all over my face four times a day, a cleanser that will soothe the hives/rash/welts on my face and some tablets. Wednesday was yesterday and I'm starting to see improvements and signs that it is cleaning up thank god.

This is the third day I don't feel comfortable posting when it was at its worst.

 I'm so upset what has happened I can't believe this product doesn't have any warnings on the bottle, if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't suggest trying this product out at all. I will post some photos for you guys to show you my face. Can anyone let me know if they have had the same problem from this product, I'm so upset this has happened it has not only stopped me from going to work but also university I've had to miss the last three days as I can't leave the house with a rash over my face. I hope you are all having a fantastic week.

Love you all.

I don't have acne this is the hives that appeared on my face

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  1. I found this while Googling about allergic reactions to Olay's Fresh Effects fash wash. I bought the Shine Shine Go Away cleanser for the day and the Out of the Swirled pore cleanser for the night.

    I started using these Friday night. Today is the 5th day of using it and my face is breaking out with little red bumps - mostly along my jawline. They only slightly itch but I know they are there and it really sucks.

    I have been stuck on ProActiv for years because any time I try any other facial cleanser I break out. I can't decide whether or not to push through this and hope that my face just gets used to the new cleanser or go straight back to ProActiv before my face gets any worse.

    Do you normally have sensitive skin to products? I also can't wear makeup and have to be careful with my shampoo choices or else my face will break out.

  2. This has just happened to me. Same product. Any advice? Mine is all over my neck :(