Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bourjois Happy light foundation review | First Impression.

 Hello Girls,

Today I bought the Bourjois happy light foundation and have finally had time to fake tan so I thought I would try out this new foundation that everyone has been raving about on YouTube and in blogs.

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation #53 Golden Beige
So first of all when I applied this foundation it was a very nice consistency it wasn’t to heavy or cakey it gave a really lovely finish to my face as well, it was a medium coverage which I like for everyday use.

When applying this foundation I only needed to use two pumps for my whole face. I found that the foundation blended beautifully as well.
The great thing about this foundation is it doesn’t leave you matte but doesn’t leave you dewy. It’s a perfect in between finish; I suppose it’s a natural glow.

One pump, Shade: Golden Beige.
I absolutely love foundations that leave you with a natural glow instead of being cakey and where you can really tell, “that person has foundation on” it gives the impression that its just your natural skin looking glowey.

For me I have combination skin, an oily T zone area but the rest of my face is normal. I was a bit concerned that I would of ended up very oily after 6-8 hours but surprisingly my face looked good, a slight glow but that is expected I have definitely had foundations that leave me a shiny mess.
One of the other things I loved about this foundation is it did not separate around any areas of my face, some foundations with the consistency and coverage like this foundation have separated around the noise and mouth area leaving your foundation looking patchy, but everything stayed put I was so happy.
This after 4 hours of wear and it still looks lovely.

Things I love about this foundation
1.     Not a heavy foundation
2.     Leaves you with a lovely glowing finish
3.     Lasts all day
4.     Doesn’t separate on skin
5.     Good for oily skin
6.     Looks lovely in photos

If you are in Australia and looking to purchase this foundation I purchased mine from Priceline and it was $29.00 but it is definitely worth the price it goes on and lasts like a high end product would.

I hope this has helped all you lovely ladies in need of a good foundation that gives you a very lovely finish.

I hope your all having a wonderful week

Love you all.

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  1. great review I've got so many foundations at the moment but I really want to try a bourjois one! also you look lovely, what tan do you use? :)

    1. Yes you should it is a great everyday foundation. I use the Bondi Sands Tan, I think it may only be an Australian Product at the moment. x

  2. I use a bourjois face powder which I love, but have never tried their foundations but I think I'd quite like to buy this one! great post :)

    chelsea sharkie

    1. Thank you lovely, yes its great I'm sure the powder and the foundation would look great together have a beautiful day xx